Opening of Maison Bluey

pop-up shop: Maison Bluey, Glass House, 1/F, Cityplaza (near Toy'r'rus), Taikoo Shing.

Opens daily from noon to 8:30pm, Nov 11, 2018 to Feb 17, 2019.


這個季節,反斗星藍藍和她的小企鵝朋友皮皮將搬進由Bluey Maniac和歐洲風西點品牌“Tea Saloon by AnotherFineDay” 精心打造的新家 - 「Maker House」期間初創店Maison Bluey。有空快來坐坐, 玩吓有趣的九型人格遊戲, 找出屬於你的一杯茶, 看看你是哪個藍藍! 同時又可欣賞畫家小橘子原作,瀏覽各種限量版禮品、文具、茶和美點, 品嚐新創品牌Brew-da來自越南和泰國的特色咖啡,為摯愛挑選合心的禮物。

 Which Bluey are you?

This festive season, Bluey and her little penguin friend Pipi will be moving into their new home “Maison Bluey” at Maker House, created by Bluey Maniac and renowned epicurean “Tea Saloon by AnotherFineDay”.  Come find out your best cup of tea through our fun enneagram game “Which Bluey are you?” while enjoying original artworks by artist Clementine Chan, browsing selections of fine gifts & stationaries and limited edition tea & delicacies, and tasting specialty coffee from Thailand and Vietnam provided by new brand Brew-da. You’ll sure find the perfect seasonal gifts for your loved ones and yourself.