Who's Clementine?

Clementine Chan is a prolific Hong Kong painter and illustrator actively engaged in group and solo exhibitions in Hong Kong, Italy, Taiwan and Korea. She has also been participating in many international art exhibitions in Europe since 2017. Her oil on canvas paintings and illustrations have been featured in many books and magazines. Often hailed for their fairytale-like quality and mysterious ambience, her works have charmed viewers with their lovely colours and a sense of universal melancholy. Illustration books include “The Story of Bluey” (2012), “Bluey Seoul Happy” (2014) and “Bluey’s Book of Genesis” (《藍藍創世紀》,2015), featuring madcap Bluey and her penguin friend Pipi . 

Recent solo exhibitions include Festive Korea (2014), Le French May (2017, 2018). She was invited by South China Morning Post in 2017 to decorate one of their meeting rooms in early 2018.


香港畫家。曾在香港、意大利、台灣及韓國舉行多次展覽,並參加歐洲多國舉辦的國際藝術展。畫作多描繪人心中的風景。作品收錄於香港人氣小說作家林詠琛多部小說封面及內頁。2011年創作古靈精怪的藍藍跟她的企鵝小友皮皮,透過這小小的無邪角色,以輕快的筆法描出如寓言般的豐富想像,簡單的文本往往帶著弦外之音。出版包括與林詠琛合作的《遠空之藍》套裝小說繪本(2012),Bluey Seoul Happy(2014) 及《藍藍創世紀》(2015)。

小橘子是2012-13 Clore Fellow (英國文化領袖計劃)及2014年韓國國立綜合藝術大學駐校藝術家。


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Thanks! Pls reserve one for me, I will go to buy on Tuesday evening around 8:00 pm

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It's digital drawing on photo. Signed limited edition of 50. $1800 with frame.

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thx! i have to prepare another copy for you. can send to you by courier once ready next week. pls give me your contact at trustnil@gmail.com for further arrangement.

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yes. digital drawing on photo.

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