"C'est la vie, ma chère B" solo exhibition

"C'est la vie, ma chère B" - solo exhbiition by Clementine Chan

An Associated Project of Le French May

Date: May 1 to June 25, 2017 (Daily 12:00 to 24:00)

Venue: MUSE Gallery, Hotel Stage basement, 1 Chi Wo Street, Jordon (MTR exit B2, behind Eaton Hotel)

Supported by Hotel Stage

Bluey is a globetrotter. She dreams about travelling around the world with her little penguin PiPi and has many adventures. This time she comes to Paris. She admires the French lifestyle - art, culture, fashion and of course, cuisine. PiPi can’t wait to start his chic French life, he even brings his favourite Red White Blue bag with him! Through Bluey’s innocent eyes and fantasy,  C’est la vie, ma chère B portrays the French lifestyle with witty humour. As the French saying goes, c’est la vie! You don’t have to take it too seriously. It’s French, after all.

《藍藍愛法包》 小橘子個展, 法國5月節目之一

時間: 1/5 - 25/6/2017 (每日12:00 至 24:00)

MUSE畫廊,登臺酒店地庫,佐敦志和街1號,九龍 (佐敦地鐵B2出口, 香港逸東酒店後面)


 最愛浪跡天涯的鬼靈精小女孩藍藍,終於來到她以為的西多士(French Toast)之鄉 - 法國。 赫然發現原來長法包和牛角包才是地道。小企鵝皮皮興奮得把心愛的紅白藍袋帶來這個藍白紅的國家,覺得真是四海一家,異常親切。 《藍藍愛法包》透過藍藍純真無邪的眼睛,以簡單童趣的單格漫畫,令人會心微笑的語帶相關,道出我們對法國文化的印象,幻想甚至誤解。

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Thanks! Pls reserve one for me, I will go to buy on Tuesday evening around 8:00 pm

25.10 | 13:13

thx! i have to prepare another copy for you. can send to you by courier once ready next week. pls give me your contact at trustnil@gmail.com for further arrangement.

25.10 | 12:08

It's digital drawing on photo. Signed limited edition of 50. $1800 with frame.

25.10 | 09:48

yes. digital drawing on photo.

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