Flow - Arts Family Fun at Shalowan

Date: 2,3,9,10/11/2019

Venue: Shalowan, Northwest Lantau Island

Flow, a festival on the theme of water, was organised by AFTEC, a local youth theatre eduation group. Bluey was invited to create a fun trail for visitors to explore the sites and art events in this 200 year old village over two weekends. Hundreds of kids and adults had great fun with Bluey.

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25.10 | 12:57

Thanks! Pls reserve one for me, I will go to buy on Tuesday evening around 8:00 pm

25.10 | 13:13

thx! i have to prepare another copy for you. can send to you by courier once ready next week. pls give me your contact at trustnil@gmail.com for further arrangement.

25.10 | 12:08

It's digital drawing on photo. Signed limited edition of 50. $1800 with frame.

25.10 | 09:48

yes. digital drawing on photo.

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